Geo Gizmo 3D Screensaver

Geo Gizmo 3D Screensaver

BEFORE BUYING THIS SCREENSAVER, please verify that the trial...

BEFORE BUYING THIS SCREENSAVER, please verify that the trial version runs on your PC. - PixelParadox. ComWelcome to the nanoworld of the Pixel Paradox universe of 2099 AD.

Geo Gizmo is a pollution-free nanodevice that acts as a perpetual-motion machine to generate electricity from artificial gravitons in motion above a quantum energy plate, without any loss of kinetic energy.

A constant electrostatic charge flows to the quantum energy plate, which can be linked to vast numbers of identical Geo Gizmos to generate limitless free electrical power.

One hundred trillion Geo Gizmos would fill a container the size of a coffee cup, and generate enough power to continuously run your television set, forever.

However, not only is it functional, it's also a marvelous work of art. Gee whiz, it's a Geo Gizmo! Disclaimer: This screensaver, Geo Gizmo 3D, does not generate electricity.

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Geo Gizmo 3D Screensaver


Geo Gizmo 3D Screensaver

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